Leanne Spanza

Bold Colours. Simple Lines. Happy Art.

Canadian Landscape Painter


 I was asked by my best friend Morgan and her husband Mike to create my largest painting ever for them of the West Coast Wilderness Lodge where they were married in June 2011. The Lodge is located in Egmont, on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. It is a stunning place and I was excited to capture the views from the deck where the ceremony took place. We went back and forth with photos and after a couple of sketches we agreed on a concept and I started painting away.

Morgan and Mike's Wedding - that's me as Maid of Honor!!

Morgan and Mike's Wedding - that's me as Maid of Honor!!

Inspiration Photo - West Coast Wilderness Lodge

Sketch - West Coast Wilderness Lodge
Sketch - West Coast Wilderness Lodge
Largest Canvas I've ever worked on!

 I enlisted my friend Christina to help me build the canvas as Opus doesn't sell ones that large. After it was all built, this is how it looked in my studio, my largest painting yet, 60" x 60". It wouldn't even fit on my easel  I had to hang it from my studio wall! 

I had lots of fun painting and it was the first time I've ever taken steps while sketching and painting! The colours of the sky were chosen to match the colours of their wedding flowers.  When it was done I took it off the frame, rolled it up and packaged it to go on the plane with me for the trip to Boston. I was  really excited, this was going to be my first solo flight and trip since Joni was born and I was really looking forward to spending some quality time with Morgan. The trip was wonderful and the painting made it safe and sound. Morgan and Mike were thrilled with how it turned out and below is the finished piece. They toured me throughout the city, saw a Red Sox game, spent the day at Crane Beach, ate at fabulous restaurants and had wine at lunch. 

West Coast Wilderness Lodge

Size: 60" x 60" Acrylic on Canvas


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