The commission process is a fun and fairly simple and I love doing them! Take a look through my portfolio of paintings and let me know what colours, colour schemes and types of sky you are drawn to. Look through the SOLD section as well. I would love it if you could send me a photo or two of with any notes of any details you would like added or highlighted such as buildings, or certain landmarks, trees, etc.and if you would like it vertical or horizontal.
Once we finalize on a size and scene, I then start sketching away and I'll send you a scan of the sketch with all of our notes. I welcome your feedback at that point and please let me know then if you would like anything added, deleted, changed, etc. Once I receive your final approval and you love your sketch and colour scheme, I require a 50% deposit and I start happily painting away. Once the painting is complete I send you a photo, you let me know your thoughts and once your absolutely love it, the painting is yours and that's when final payment is made. I do allow for up to one hour of changes after the final painting photo has been sent. Any changes made after that will be charged at $50 an hour. Payment can be made through cheque, interact email (preferred) or credit card, whichever is easiest for you. Shipping is extra if needed, (I'm located in the Okanagan). There are a few Testimonials on my website about the Commission process that you are welcome to view at

AndreaBrookePhotography-11 (1).jpg

Price List.

Everything is priced per size. If there is a certain size or price range that you are interested in please let me know and I'll be happy to quote you on it. 

12" x 24" - $350

18" x 24" - $400

20" x 24" - $450

24" x 24" - $500

18" x 36" - $550

24" x 30" - $550

24" x 36" - $650

30" x 30" - $650

20" x 40" - $700

30" x 36" - $800

24" x 48" - $950

30" x 40" - $950

36" x 36" - $1000

30" x 48" - $1200

36” x 48” - $1400

30" x 60" - $1500

36” x 54”- $1500

36" x 60" - $1700

48" x 48" - $1800