Below are a few testimonials from the wonderful people I have had the opportunity to work with.

Gibsons Public Art Gallery on 'Viewpoints' Exhibition, April 2012

"Using brilliant colours and her own patented style, Kelowna-based Leanne Spanza parlays her educational background in Interior Design into creating paeans in acrylic to the glory of Nature. She herself describes her work as “bold” and “simplistic” but the simplicity is deceptive, to be sure. Somehow, she is able to convey even the gurgling sounds of a swift mountain stream or the complex pallet of a sunset, the dignity of trees and the patience of mountains. Even those products of human “civilization” acquire a magical glow under her brush."  - GPAG 2012 Year in Review


Therapy Vineyards, Naramata BC 

“Leanne Spanza was the winner of our annual Artist Series label Competition. Her bold use of colour and lines were an easy decision to use for our award winning wine. During the Summer of 2012 Therapy Vineyards featured Leanne’s work in our tasting room and wine shop. Our customers were thrilled to see such an exciting new artist in the valley and quickly snapped up her prints and originals! We cannot thank Leanne enough for her fantastic piece “Okanagan Hills”, that helped make our wine such a success!”

 - Daphne Tomkins, Sales & Marketing Manager at Therapy Vineyards on the 2011 Artist Series Riesling Kerner Wine Label

Good Omens Coffee House, Summerland BC. 

 Good Omens, Summerland BC Click on image for more info

Good Omens, Summerland BC Click on image for more info

"We had the pleasure of displaying a collection of Leanne's art in our coffee house.  I can honestly say that no other art has attracted more attention or brought as much positivity to our shop as Leanne's.  The colour and whimsy found in her paintings added an uplifting energy to our space and her professional and positive personality made her a pleasure to deal with."

Jason Embree, Co-Owner of Good Omens on Art exhibited from January 2011 - April 2012

Commissions Testimonials

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 Bear in Mind.

Bear in Mind.

Bear In Mind, 2012

"Working with Leanne was a truly collaborative experience. Our goal was to combine all the places that we had visited during our western vacation into one painting so we could instantly remember what inspired us to move to Kelowna. We provided her with pictures of Lake Louise, Banff, Morant's Curve and a picture of us on horseback at the Lake Louise glacier....and we also wanted the Kelowna bear tucked somewhere in the painting too!

She began by providing us with a sketch of her vision. It was so close to our vision that it required very few changes....The next step was to choose a color scheme that would complement our decor. Once that was decided she sent us pictures of her progress and we responded with some additional suggestions....And that was it! It was so easy and the final result represents exactly what we wanted. Who knew that this entire process could be accomplished by email! 

What a great experience, Leanne. Thank you so much for capturing a moment in time that we will never forget."  - Kathleen Fish Macfarlane on 'Bear in Mind' 2012 

 Layer Cake Mountain.

Layer Cake Mountain.

Layer Cake Mountain, 2012

"Leanne has the great gift of creating works that are exactly as we see in our minds !!  We asked for a painting of our favorite Layer Cake Mountain and sent her photos from the view that was important to us.  The completed project was beautiful and exactly what we had hoped for and we love it.

For Christmas 2012 we wanted a special gift for our granddaughter and our grandson.  We again asked Leanne to create two paintings of the lake and West Kelowna - their home.  We now have two beautiful paintings - Okanagan Lake Park and Mission Hills that will be a reminder of their early years no matter where life takes them. Every night we sit before dinner in the living room and so enjoy looking at our beautiful Myra Canyon painting over the fire place.  The painting definitely spoke to Glen and we both love it. Then after dinner we gaze at the Layer Cake Mountain in the den.  We are surrounded by beauty.  Have also decided that the Penticton print is perfect for the entrance to home so have it hanging back there.  Love the peach !!"  - Sally Craig on 'Layer Cake Mountain' and others!